Father’s Day in Washington!

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a great Father’s Day Weekend! I spent mine with my dad and sister in Washington! We did an impromptu trip to Mt.Rainier and boy was it beautiful! It takes about an hour to drive to up the mountain once you get to the base. It costs $25 for entry per vehicle, but it lasts about 7 days, so you can always revisit within that time period. Another cool thing is that they have cabins and lodges all on the road leading up to Mt.Rainier, so that would be a fun camping trip if you’re interested!

Here’s a pic of my dad, my sister, and myself at the entrance to Mt.Rainier:

dada mt rainier sign

Make sure you take some all-weather terrain shoes or hiking gear because once you get up to the snow, it gets a bit harder to walk in it. There are also lots of trails and hikes up the mountain that are super fun to do and to get some fitness in for the day!

These are a few pics of Narada Falls. As you drive up the mountain, there are lots of scenic points and many waterfalls along the way. It is an amazing sight to see! I felt so at peace seeing the beauty of God’s creation.

We finally made it up to the top and there was lots of snow! Yes! You saw right! Snowing in June!! It was so beautiful being surrounded by the snow. People were skiing and having snow fights. You could also tube down the mountain top. It was all around a great trip to Mt.Rainier and there was so much beauty hidden all along the way.

Here are some pics from the top. It was a winter wonderland, although it was spring time! What I did learn on the way down from the mountain is that the waterfall water is actually snow that is melting. How cool!

I hope you have enjoyed these photos and would maybe want to go visit Mt.Rainier!

Shine bright,



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