Canada 2017 Must Do & See!

I had a wonderful, well-spent weekend in Canada with my sister! (Our first sister trip – just missing our other sister!) Here are some tips and must sees and things to do while in Canada!

  1. Try looking for an AirBnB room to rent! I only spent a $100 on a room for 3 days. Now thats a steal. And try to stay in the Kitsilano area. Its very close to Granville Island (lots of shopping and a public market place), Stanley Park, Lionsgate Bridge, Downtown, Gastown, and Yaletown! Look on groupon before booking any activities to do! Might save you a few dollars!
  2. Rent a bike and cruise around Stanley Park. There are tons of bike rental shops right before the entrance to Stanley Park. It’s such a big park with tons of scenic routes and trails! Plus good photo ops! And the park is surrounded by water! Here is my sister while we biked around Stanley Park. DSC_0473
  3. Check out the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish. Its a gondola that you catch up a mountain that takes you to hikes and other trails + awesome scenic views! This is us with the gondola we were about to catch and a pic of the awesome view from the top! Right down the road is Shannon Falls – it’s a nice waterfall and photo op!


    4. Visit the Vancouver Lookout. It’s just like the space needle in Seattle, but only difference is this one’s in Vancouver.  Your ticket is good for a day and night entrance! DSC_0525

5. Eat at Japadog in downtown! It’s a Japanese fusion of hot dogs! They have really cool combinations! I tried the most popular one: the Kurobota and my sister tried the Meat Lovers! It’s a must try for all the foodies out there! IMG_8232

6. Try Off the Grid Waffles! They have thee best waffle shakes and waffle pizzas! I ordered the Mango Waffle Shake and my sister ordered the Double Chocolate Oreo Waffle Shake. I also tried the Candied Bacon Waffle Pizza – delish! IMG_8251

7. Get some gelato at La Casa Gelato! They serve 238 flavors at all times! They have some of the best and weirdest combinations of flavors! One of my faves was the Pear Gorgonzola gelato! Yup thats right – it had real pear and gorgonzola cheese in it! They also had a sour cream and chives flavor. I think the most interesting flavor was roasted garlic and kimchee flavor! This is a must try for every foodie! There’s so many flavors that you’ll get lost trying all of them! IMG_8303

Hope you enjoy these photos! Canada is amazing and would be a great trip for anyone! IF you have questions, let me know!

Shine bright,



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