Tips, Tricks, and a Recipe for Juicing!

Hi Friends,

It’s been a while! I do apologize. I have been trying to get settled in at work and my new apartment! It’s been amazing and God has been truly good! So, I promise to do better at posting more often.

I have recently started juicing! And boy do I love it! Like everyone else, I had a little skepticism towards it and was thinking that juicing raw veggies and fruit would taste terrible! I was wrong! Here a few tips for you for juicing and a recipe that I use!

  1. Make sure to buy a masticating or “cold-press” juicer. This juicer does not use heat nor adds oxygen to your juice. It takes a little longer for it to juice items and you often have to cut your produce into smaller chunks versus throwing them in whole. Using this juicer will give you fresher and longer lasting juice. This juicer is often more expensive. The other type of juicer is centrifugal. This juicer uses heat and rapid movement to juice your produce. You can often throw whole produce into this juicer and it juices very quickly.  It is often less expensive than a masticating juicer. The thing about this type of juicer is that it adds oxygen to your juice since it creates heat from the rapid movement. Heat causes chemical reactions to occur faster, and more oxygen can mean more oxidation reactions. As the blades cut up your produce, the cell walls of your fruits and vegetables are exposed and the nutrients within them can get oxidized. Vitamins A, C, and E are all molecules that can react with and be broken down by oxygen.
  2. Buy fresh produce and a variety of produce. Do not use frozen fruits and veggies!
  3. Store veggies in refrigerator so that when you juice, the juice comes out cold!
  4. Use mason jars to store juice. They’re airtight, so extra oxygen can’t get in. Plus they’re pretty!
  5. There’s a general rule about juicing. You should always have 80% veggies and 20% fruits for juicing a recipe before putting them into the juicer. The reason you need to stick to a more vegetable base is because of the sugar in fruit, which could have adverse effects on your body – like weight gain! There are tons of recipes online  that can help you mask the flavor of vegetables if thats what you’re worried about!
  6. Listen to your body! If you can only juice for a few days, thats fine! It’s all about what YOUR body needs!
  7. Have fun with juicing! I juiced a pineapple and poured it into popsicle molds and froze them! It’s a great, refreshing, and healthy snack when you are craving something sweet!
  8. Dont hesitate to ask me questions! I’ll answer to the best of my ability!


A recipe for you:

Orange Zest (Trust me, it’s good)

What you’ll need:


1 orange

2 carrots

1″ ginger slice *optional


What to do:

Wash all produce in cold water. Peel orange and slice ends of carrots off. Place ginger piece into juicer along with orange and carrots. Turn juicer on and let juice fall into your mason jar. Give it a quick stir and enjoy!





Shine bright,



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