It’s hard, but it will work out for your good!

These last few months have been life changing for me, hence the reason why I have not been blogging lately. I promise I am going to do better this year with that! Anyways, a lot has happened and it has definitely shook the foundation I was standing on.

So, I was working as the Director of a Nonprofit in July. In about October, I started feeling like the job wasn’t working out for me; apparently so did the board of directors. I felt that the communication was terrible and boy were they making me look like a terrible worker. I felt so unsupported and my “job coach,” made me feel awful. I felt like I couldn’t thrive there and be the me I was called to be. Long story short – it was time for me to move on from this job. It all happened so abruptly. I wasn’t sure where God was taking me or what was going to happen. So, after some prayer, I decided it was time for me to take a rest period. I mean, how often do we take rest periods in life where we just let God love on us and we spend our days seeking him. So, I packed up my bags thinking I would come back to Hawaii and went to see some family in Alaska for Thanksgiving. Well, during my stay there, it just so happened that a job I applied to in Washington when I visited my cousin in Seattle a few months ago, called me while I was in Alaska. They were interested in my application and said they would do my interview over the phone! Well, they hired me and didn’t even meet me! All I could think about was at my last job how I was criticized and how they said my writing was bad, I was argumentative, and so on and so forth. God had these people hire me without meeting me! He reminded me I wasn’t any of what the people at my last job called me! The crazy part is they offered to pay me $10,000 more than what my last salary did! Wowzers!!! I could not believe that! It was such a good rest time in Alaska.

Then, in December, I headed to Georgia to see my parents and brothers and sisters for Christmas and New Years. During this time, the job that hired me had instituted a new policy to raise the pay for Clinicians, which is what I got hired for. I had no idea and would not learn of this until my first paycheck. I packed my bags after the New Years to embark on this new journey in Washington. It was a bit scary and I barely new anyone. I missed my old church and was scared I wasn’t gonna find one that I would fit in at. Then, I was worried about my car because I wouldn’t be able to ship it until February but I started work in January.  I was worried about a problem that God had all figured out. Some old family friends of mine said I could stay with them rent free and that I could use their vehicle to get to work until mine gets here with no charge! Another Wowzers!! Then, I began my job and worked for a few weeks.  I had just started my fast the day I got my paycheck and boy God showed up and showed out!  I got my first paycheck and noticed it was pretty large but I didn’t think anything of it because I thought they were just paying me for a full month. No, I was wrong. I asked my supervisor a few days later about my paycheck, and sure enough I got another $8,000 salary raise. So thats a total of $18,000 more than what I made at my last job. Then my supervisor informs me that we get and extra $1800 a year for being on call once a month! Then on top of that, I get my mileage reimbursed! Then on top of that, they offer productivity bonuses! My mind was truly blown! And then, my friend who works at the airline did a ticket for me to come back to Hawaii for our annual women’s conference at church to sing, and the ticket is first class. (Btw, its called the Arise Conference for Inspire Church in Hawaii on Feb 15th-17th) So in two weeks, I get to go back home to be refreshed by the Lord and do it in style.

I cannot tell you how full my heart is. I cannot tell you how many times I cried, thanking the Lord for being there for me. He always seems to show up and show out when I am least worried about my problems, when I have truly surrendered to Him. I am just writing this to tell you that you MUST push through even when its hard. The enemy will come at you all sideways, but you gotta resist him. And he will use people to get you off track and make you lose focus. He tries to make you feel like the door that closed in your life was the best you would have ever had, that it is only going downhill from here since it didn’t workout. Well, let me tell you that is a BIG LIE! Trust me, when one door closes, please believe that God has something WAY better for you! Believe me when I say that God wants to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine! (Ephesians 3:20) I’m praying for you and know that God truly does love you & wants to see you living abundantly! (John 10:10) It’s time to put your ALL in for Christ. No more lukewarm Christians, or as Jonathan McReynolds would say, “No Gray.” (Revelations 3:16)

Shine bright,