Thailand 2016

This past August, I was able to go on a 2 week long missions trip to Thailand. This was the best experience of my life and I think everyone should go on a missions trip. It is life changing!

I want to share my experience with you!

So, this was my first time flying Korean Airlines. I did some research on the airline and there were so many good reviews. When it came time to fly, the stewardess’ were so nice. The seats were comfortable and there was more than average legroom. The best part was that they feed you at least 2 meals on flights 5 hours or longer (ours was 9 hours). They served bi bim bap on our way to South Korea. And boy was it yummy. They even had a fancy tray it came out on! And, they are generous with how much they feed you; they constantly come around offering you drinks and food. I don’t drink, but they offer free alcohol as well. This is what they served on the plane from Hawaii to Thailand:


Okay, let’s talk about some fun stuff you can do while you are there! You should definitely visit the king and queens palace. They only open it up once a year, and it just so happen to be open when we were there. However, they do not allow you to take bags or phones inside. And, if you are a woman (or man who doesn’t have long pants on) you must be wearing a dress or skirt if you are a lady. (if you show up without one, you can buy one, like we did)


You should also try catching a boat through the canal as a way of transportation. Keep your mouth closed though, cause the water isn’t very clean! One of the most exciting yet scary experiences was going to the floating market. So pretty much, you get into a small boat, and a guy will paddle you along the market, and you just stop at some of the floating stores if you want to buy. Our boat was very small and we squeezed about 10 people in it – not a good idea. And then, there were other boats that had motors that would come by and make the waters rough, so our boat would shake a lot. Thats why I said it exciting yet scary – we almost tipped over many times. And, there are so many boats, that you crash into other boats sometimes.


And lastly, you should experience riding an elephant! It wasn’t on my list to do, but one of the other girls really wanted too, so we did. It is a nice walk through the jungle and very relaxing. It’s nice to ride with a partner, but I did not have one because mine was too scared to ride. Don’t be alarmed when they guy who is guiding he elephant tries to sell you “ivory,” it’s not real anyways and just say no if you do not want it.


And you must of course try pad thai while you are in Thailand. It is a very common dish that is do delicious! And for all my risk-takers, you can try some fresh bugs. I had worm and grasshopper. Surprisingly, it tasted great! LOL They add flavoring to it, so you honestly don’t know it’s a bug. But thats for more daring people. You should also try the “Raindrop Cake,” (made famous from a youtube video) from Kyo Roll En in Mall BangKapi. It is pretty good and taste like fresh water. And it comes out on a cute tray with a leaf!


And lastly, the real reason I was in Thailand – to share the Gospel. Here are some photos of us praying with the less fortunate, doing outreach at the university, teaching ukulele, and visiting the children in the slums.


I was fortunate to see 6 Thai people give their life to Christ during my brief stay here. It might seem like a small number, but this is a country where there is less than 1% Christians. For Thailanders, being Thai equates to being buddhist – they think if they are not buddhist, then they are not Thai. Turning from buddhism caused many of them to be disowned by their families. A few girls I met had been disowned after becoming Christian. I was reminded of the scripture: Then Jesus told His disciples, “If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me. 25For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.(Matthew 16:25) They really do give up their lives here. That was so touching to me. 

I hope after reading this, that it inspires you to go on a mission and share the Good News. There is a big harvest, but few workers. Let God use you. It will change your life.

Shine bright,



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