Review of ColourPop – Chilly Chili Ultra Matte Lip

I have recently fallen in love with Matte lipsticks and have been buying different ones. As you all probably know, quality matte lipsticks are not very cheap. I bought a few from Mac and Sephora, but they were like $20 bucks each. I told myself I can’t spend that much on lipstick all the time. So I began browsing for a cheaper quality matte lipstick. A friend of mine told me about ColourPop so I checked out there online store. The prices are very cheap – $6 for a matte lipstick. But, I thought if it is that cheap – the quality may not be that good. Well, here are my impressions of the Chilly Chili Ultra Matte Lipstick.

Chilly Chili is a popular shade from ColourPop and actually wont be sold anymore in a few months. (snatch it up while you can) Many reviews on this particular shade were great. It cost $6 and shipping to Hawaii was about $4. When I received the packaging, it was very presentable and there were so many cute cards inside. They give handwritten thank you notes, which was a special touch!

I tried Chilly Chili on my lips in the morning before I went to work. It was very smooth to put on and dryed fairly quickly. I was expecting that the color wouldn’t last all day – but boy was I wrong. I went to work at 8am and came back home at 8pm, and it was still on. I had to scrub my lips to get it off. So, this is definitely quality product for cheap. Take a look at how the shade looks on my skintone. I think it’s a great shade and it definitely lasts a while. I don’t wear make-up, but I love a good lippie!



Hope this helps!

Shine bright,



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